Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The story of L & T

L&T, a story of 2 letters ;  Cheerful, Warm, Fun & Free,
Always smiling and ever buoyed, would soon be united by destiny...
Reaching into peoples hearts, filling them with faith & hope,
Invariably healing them a little, relieving them, helping them to cope,
Selfless, unbiased , kind and thoughtful, L&T would be nice to all,
Some people would abuse them, yet diligently they would answer every call,
Amiable, Pious & Pure , L & T would go about their merry way, unperturbed,
And They believed their time was yet to come, waited patiently, undisturbed..
Naively, Imaginary friend: Mutual respect, would introduce them: Love & Trust,
Dazzling each other, they would resonate, their chemistry would naturally combust,
Their synergy would reverberate, fitting into each other, like the pieces in a puzzle,
And restoring all past trauma,  Like the touch of joy left behind by the soft drizzle,
Really, Love is giving someone power to annihilate you, and Trusting them to not use it,
And, Trust is believing in someone wholeheartedly and Loving them even if they break it,  
Not that Love & Trust cant exist independently, Yet they complete the other in a way divine,
Getting united after years of trails, is the story of L&T, lived out in each one's life,in their own time...