Sunday, 30 June 2013

Adios Amigo...

Sometimes you meet someone with who you just click, you are comfortable with them, and they are with you. It seems like you have known each other for ages. There is no need for pretense; or rather there is just no room for pretense. They are also the ones who come into your life and make you see the sun where you once saw the clouds; see a rainbow where you once were depressed with the sight of heavy downpour; see the winds you can sail where you once saw a storm. These people who believe in you so much that you start believing in yourself. These people love you, respect you and trust you for who you are, for who you REALLY are. They simply want you to be you.

It is beautiful, almost divine, to realize that someone is in love with your mind, your soul, your essence. They disarm you, deconstruct you, liberate you, and inspire you. They help you to take down all the walls of the cocoons you have built up around yourself over time, and let them inside; let LOVE inside, let LIFE inside.

It is confounding how getting to know this someone seems more like remembering who they are. How their smile, their antics, bring you closer to the impossible conclusion that you have known them before, loved them before, in a different time, at a different place, in a different dimension. It brings you closer to a daunting realization that you were together, and then apart.
An helpless feeling of eventual separation dawns upon you.

These people, the window to our souls, help us see who we are. They clear the clutter; guide us back to where we were supposed to be; change our thoughts, actions and behavior. Their contribution is crucial, vital, quintessential to our existence, yet their existence is short lived. Their presence is too overwhelming, too extraordinary, like being touched by an angel.

They soon disappear into the crowd, from which they had emerged, forever leaving behind the fondest memory and a lucid realization.