Sunday, 2 June 2013

The hole in my heart....

There is this weird, dark little place in me from the very start,
That houses a deep bottomless pit, like a hole in my heart,
This dull, lifeless entity exists for no apparent reason or rhyme,  
Yet it sits amidst the entire ensemble, shows up in every chart…

I ignored it initially, but with time acknowledged it part by part,
Figured I could fill it with various desires & dreams, cart by cart,
Thus began my quest to find someone or something that,
Would fill my existence up thoroughly, leading the void to depart…

I studied like a scholar, to gain knowledge & strengthen my mind,
I learnt to connect with people, to care for them and to be kind,
I took up causes, struggled for the betterment of world at large,
Yet they could not fill the emptiness in me, singly or combined…

Along you come, cheerful and happy as ever, untouched by the mortal grind,
You don’t fill up the void, yet cause a tectonic shift in me, as if you were destined,
To transform the hole in my heart into the fountain of knowledge, wisdom & love,
Revitalizing every iota of my being, miraculously so, as if for this purpose it was designed,

 It FLOWS today, unabated and unrestricted, replenishing and invigorating me,
Thanks to you restoring that which was scary, dark, and an eyesore to see,
Invariably & undeniable grateful to you, blessed I am with your divine presence,

I owe you my heart, my life & my existence, Who I am, Who I was and Who I will be…