Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Quest...

A funny world with funny things in it, 
Feelings Funny, that too closely knit, 
You search for a piece that completes you, 
In that hole of your heart, which can fit...
You seek you search you scout you sift, 
For the ONE who, this gloom, can lift, 
And can elevate you to a land of rapture, 
And can transform the present into a gift...
They will be there with you in the darkest pit,
Or may look to light up the night sky with their wit,
The ONE would ride all the highs and lows,
Through thick & thin, by you they will always sit...
At times, if lucky, you find them in a bit,
Most times, you patiently wait for your hit,
Invariably & undeniably your quest would yield bliss,
Leaving your existence ever so brightly lit...