Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Girl Who Writes...

She is just like water, you think you can see through her,
Calm, reticent, imaginative, understanding, charming & clever,

What you see is an illusion, a fa├žade at best,
One in the array of her facets, concealed from the rest,

You cant just know her, you need to discover through experiences,
Like voyaging in foreign seas, but navigating with your senses

Language is a window to her nature & words are her pet,
Suave, sophisticated, weaving her way like a cerebral corvette,

She can sooth you, encourage you, hurt you, insult you,
A girl who writes, can consistently provoke you,

A girl who writes can comprehend the context,
Invariably but effectively, leveraging the subtext,

She wants to feel with every fiber of her being, see every color in the spectrum,
Taste all the flavors;smell all the scents, pluck all the strings like the plectrum,
feeling every colour in the spectrum…

Its fascinating how deep she is, she can quench your every thirst,
Seducing with words, satiating every need, feeding your every first,

Making you laugh, smirk, smile & finding her way into your heart,
Impossible to resist, u tend to FLOW with her right from the start…