Thursday, 23 May 2013

I Love You Because I Love You...

Love is a complex topic. With years trying to decode it, I finally had a handle on what is this thing that makes the world go round. Then comes a clever twist in the tale, almost devilishly ironic, that things take a complete U-turn. You walk in, charming as ever, deliciously alluring, tastefully articulate, stupendously wise & earth-shatteringly virtuous. And I fall for you.
I try to grapple with FLOW of events, trying my best to rationalize &  understand the scheme of things, but with each passing day I keep falling deeply in love. Following are the arguments I uncover as I nosedive into the warm,fuzzy feeling they call LOVE.
I love you because you get me.
This is a no-brainer, yet one of the most beautiful things about you. You get me, my dreams, my ideals, my values, my thoughts, my logic, my language. Its a bit freaky that you also value the same things I value, appreciate the same things I appreciate & stand for the same morals that I stand for. You understand me the most, at times even better than I understand myself.
I love you because you are my best friend.
Okay so I have had some rocking sleep overs, but you add the magic in those moments of wee hours in the night. Infact you kick the sleep out of the sleepovers. The fun that is chatting with you,  sharing life’s dreams, insecurities, deep dark secrets & discussing weird life experiences, irrational concerns & idealistic views; the time just flies by in your company.
I love you because you are awesome.
Yes, I know you have heard this before(and countless times by my guesstimate), but the truth is you are super totally fantabulously awesome person that I have ever known. You are smart, intelligent, fair, just, wise, articulate, intellectual and for reason always knows what’s best for me. Its clear as day that you are awesome (I am  writing a mail to the Oxford dudes to add your name as a synonym).
I love you because you make me a better person.
Okay I know all about my bad habits, and I (of all people) know what the RIGHT thing to do is. However, for some reason(in spite of being berated by friends & family) I have never gotten around to righting the wrongs. Its like you are the motivation for me to quit my bad habits, to learn the good ones and to be a better person in general.  You are the best incentive for change.
I love you because you turn me on.
So you add the above reasons and its pretty lucid that you are my TURN ON. What’s freaky is the different ways that you manage to turn me on.  Be it the way you jump to defend the innocent or the way you eat the chocolate, or you dancing like a weirdo or silently praying with your head bowed and eyes tightly shut. It’s not that you have me horny at every tip of the hat, but for some reason I find you disarmingly adorable in every sense of the word in everything that you do.
I love you because I love you
Its uncanny but I can list a hundred reasons why I love you, yet I doubt if I can express it fully.  I love the fact that upon meeting you I realized that you were just the person I was looking for all this while. I love the harsh realization that up until this point I hadnt even begun to comprehend what LOVE is. I love the way you fit into my life, the way you complete me. I love the way you smile, laugh, dance, sing, walk, run, scurry, cook, read, write, argue, think, sleep, jostle, joke, sit, stand….( you get the whiff).
I love the fact that inspite of loving you truly, madly , deeply, I am ready to let you go. You have me at that end of the emotional-maturity-spectrum that I am okay with not being with you. I just want you to be happy and I would pray for your happiness  everyday.
 Thank you for making me realize what love is all about, and solving the mystery of why I love you.
          Yes, I know this may sound strange, but I love you because I love you.