Monday, 13 May 2013

She Exists...

Loving, sincere, passionate & just,

Amazingly perseverant, yet calm & robust,

Remarkably wise, sensuous & sophisticated,

Independent, self sufficient, sensible & committed,

She can charm you, cheer you, soothe you, provoke you

She loves to FLOW her own way & she may simply overwhelm you,

A friend, a lover, a student, a sage, all but a part of her personality,

Part of her multi faceted character, her multidimensional individuality

Effortlessly, she glides into your life, with panache & grace,

Revitalizing every iota of your existence, every spec of your space,

Ever so cheerful & smiling, she eradicates every hint of negativity,

Imaginary friend of the Santa Claus,but slimmer and lot more sexy,

Reaching into to your heart & soul, she fills up that void within you,

A Perfect woman she is not, but she can solemnly complete you...