Sunday, 12 May 2013

My Muse & I

I was writing well before you came along,
Prose , poetry, essays, notes, couplets & swansong,
Writing quite well for that matter, appreciated by many,
Yet for some reason from my best, I felt furlong...

I had received accolades on a several occasion,

For my powerful narration, vivid imagery & gripping oration,
Glittering and glorious as they were, yet up until meeting you, 
My works had never-ever sparkled with glistening inspiration.... 

I write today, for you my muse, enlightened and exhilarated,
I spin around in your love, you world, your dreams, lost but excited,
I ponder, I dream, I wonder, I conjure, I sing, I write, I dance, I feel, 
I experience the world in a whole new perspective, clairvoyant & illuminated...

Maddened with passion, animated by motivation, 
Blinded by love, consumed by dedication,
Creative, insightful, eager, roused and energized,
Almost reborn, in the FLOW of pure imagination... 

You show up in all my works, as a word, a quote, a line, a para, or just your essence,
At times its entirely dedicated to you, undeniably and invariably replete with your presence,
You are more than just my MUSE, you are wings to my talents, and roots to my dreams,
You are my work, You are my desire,You are my life & its divine resonance...