Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Gallant. Resourceful. Enigmatic. Exotic. Strong. Humane. Magnetic. Alluring.
Intuitive. Self-assured. 
Sexy. Uber-conscientious. Passionate. Exceptional. Reticent.

How often do you come across a woman who is as intelligent as she is beautiful, as imposing as she is enticing, as calm & composed as she is wild & tempestuous?
Such beauty of character is excruciatingly unbearable, offering just a glimpse of an eternity that one would want to stretch out to forever. It is truly overwhelming to come across women that are such immaculate replicas of the lore and tales that engineer the perfect heroine right down to the minutest detail. What’s even more magical is that such divas cross your path daily without ever leaking a hint of their lineage.
With an alluring smile, shapely eyebrows, glossy skin, Venus-red lips, manicured finger nails & spools of hair plunging around her face that envelop a swan’s neck; elegant and smooth; you would take her for  one among the countless decked up Barbie dolls. However for some inexplicable reason she will always stand out.

Maybe it’s the calm soothing voice or the charming personality or maybe is the facets of her persona that integrate to create a stunning tapestry. Something enables her to transcend the attractive, into the realm of what is enchantingly, irresistibly gorgeous.

Much like the iconic comic book counter-part BATWOMAN, what sets her apart from the crowd are her set of values & beliefs. Her core built on a robust foundation of morals & ethics & she defends them vehemently. She upholds her values with all integrity. Thus she is just not your average superhero, battling lowlifes, thugs & criminals, but her strife lies in an entirely different dimension.
A strong character, iron will & an dedicated work ethic strengthen her comprehensively. Her solidarity & fortitude are shaped over time with the battles she fights. Her mettle & spirit evolve with every endeavour. Her soul & ethos whetted with every trial.
Thus she can inspire action, provoke intellect, stimulate senses, and kindle the very reason of one’s existence. This is visible in the way she dresses, the way she thinks and the way she goes about her tasks. She seeks to quell the tyranny of OR, gunning only for the Best of Both Worlds. Unsurprisingly the pinnacle yields to her supremacy, as she marches into the hallmark of perfection.

What adds to her appeal is that although she reveres perfection, she is actually the pontiff of change. "Change is the only constant", she propounds. Her attitude & her approach grant her the ability to not just predict & perceive change, but also leverage it. This confers her with maturity (that is beyond her years), insight(that is lucid & eloquent) & serenity (that is well poised & tranquil).

This is probably why she has the ability to see through façades and peer into the true self of people. This is why she can not only incite people around her to strive for the impossible, but also can build their courage and will to last that journey. Much like the fictional character who not only made the super- awesome BATMAN, more relatable & humane but also helped him rally back in time of sheer distress.  

She is undeniably & invariably the heroine that you need, but may not necessarily deserve.