Monday, 20 January 2014

Ode To First Love....

You hold your breath as she passes by,
Absorbing her glimpse, letting out a sigh,
You feel alive, and yet subdued,
A gush of colour and passion fills you high

Unimaginable and incomprehensible,
Naïve but unpredictable,
Perfect, innocent, and undoubtedly true,
Pious yet surreal,

The First love Is like the first wave of the sea,
Drenching you with colour and magic, she
Makes you a believer, a dreamer,
Captivating your heart, yet setting you free,

She grants you a life, yet perishes soon after,
She shows you a mystical world, but locks herself out
She teaches you  to give, to commit, to love, to live,
As she leaves, she shatters you throughout,

First love is never meant to be, they tell you,
Yet its one of the most beautiful feeling you ever knew,
As you recover, you rebuild, & redeem yourself,
You realize the special place she has, her true value,

She completed your frame, leaving out space for a special someone,
She concluded a story, but sparked off a new one,
She was probably not right for you, but she taught you all the right things,
She is the FIRST, forever special, forever sparkling, second to none…