Thursday, 25 December 2014

Epithets Of Juno

A tutelary deity of the sovereignty of people,
Never short of Vitality , Juno Lucina
Independent , Deliberate , Elegant & Simple
The great Mystic River, Juno Anahita
A goddess evoked in war & for reasons political
Subduing conflicts, primordial mother, Juno Regina
Intellectual  & wise for the worthy counsel
Numen for peace & war alike, Juno Moneta
Goddess in every sense of the world, divinity principal,
Heralded as the worthy & equal in the traid Capitolina 

Jostling & cajoling you to your high,
 is her support & aid,
Nonchalantly consoling when you cry,
Onerously guarding you, firm & unswayed  
Uncolored and unbiased is her care,
Nurturing & nourishing what was bare,
Inspiring love, life & freedom, with a prayer
Her epithets of her character are countless ,
Entrenched her tales, with heroism & prowess,
Rich fables of righteous strife & virtuous feat,
Ardently blessed is the ground beneath her feet,